Business Account

A Business Account is a ‘prepaid’ account, where our clients make the payment of a fixed sum in advance. As and when work is done, the amount is debited from the account. Jobs from Business Account holders get priority. We have several Happy Business Account holders.

To open a Business Account with us, Write to us:

As one of the leaders in this industry, we can assure you that our services will not disappoint you.

A Business account with us entails:

  • Prepayment of $250 online (using creditcard or PayPal) to open the account.
  • You send us the files as attachment.
  • We shall send across vectorized files / edited photos when they are completed along with an excel file giving you the status of the files you have sent to us, their costing and deductions from your credit payment as and when we send completed files. However, if we are to cost a file converted, at more than $24 USD – we will then wait to take a cost approval from you prior to converting the files.

This helps prioritize orders coming in from you and also saves on turnaround time. We send back converted files as soon as they are done and do not have to wait for payment or proof approval. Once the $250 is exhausted, you will be sent an intimation to fill up the account.

If your payments exceed $500 per month, then you will be asked to make a wire transfer directly to our account. ( Our bank details will be sent to you).

Please note that the amount paid ($250 USD) needs to be used up within a period of one year.