Faq on Business Account

Q: How do I open a Business account with you?

You can open a business account with us by sending out an email request for the same. We shall send you a link to our secure payment gateway. Once you make a payment of $250 USD – Your Business account with us is registered. You can also make the payment by Paypal.

Q: How do I refill my account?

Once the $250 is exhausted, you will be sent an intimation to fill up the account. You could refill either using PayPal or Credit Card. If your payment refill exceeds $1000 per month, then you will be asked to make a wire transfer directly to our account. (Our bank details will be sent to you)

Q: Can I talk to someone in your office?

Sure you can. Please feel free to call us anytime during our working hours. 9:30 – 5:30 Indian standard time (Mon – Fri) (+5.30 GMT)

Contact Nos. : +91 80 26594657 / +91 80 26594655

Q: What does a Business account entail?

You make an online payment of $250 online (by credit card or Paypal). 2. We shall set up an ftp site for you (depending on the volume of images that we receive from you) OR you could send us the files via email. Alternatively we can use your FTP site. 3. We shall send across files as and when they are completed – and you would find attached to email, an excel file giving you the status of the files you have sent to us, their costing and deductions from your credit payment as and when we send completed files. However, if we are to cost a file converted, at more than $25 USD – we will then wait to take a cost approval from you prior to working on the files. It also helps prioritize orders coming in from you and also saves on turnaround time as well. We send back files as soon as they are done and do not have to wait for payment or proof approval.

Q: Will I get a 24 hour turnaround?

A Business account with us makes you a priority customer. Most files are returned within 24 hours – unless you have a larger number of images sent at a time OR if we need to take a cost approval from you prior to working on the file or if the file is complex.

Q: How would you cost my files in a Business account?

Most logos are costed in the range of $12 to $15 USD (for flat fills) and in the range of $15 – $24 USD (for gradient fills). Crests/Seals are costed in the range of $20 – $50 USD. If we were to cost your image at over $25 USD, then we shall wait to take a cost approval from you prior to working on your file.

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